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What's a Lollop?

lollop  –  verb   –   lol.lop   –   To move in an awkward, ungainly way in a series of cute and clumsy paces or bounds. 

Lollop rebels against the idea that wearing sweatpants means you’ve given up on yourself, we blend style and comfort to help people to feel expressive and confidant in their bodies through all of life's adventures.  We offer small runs of ethically sewn overalls, hoodies, sweats and tees, made out of beautiful fabrics such as bamboo, cotton, velvet, linen and corduroy 

Hi, I'm Tara ^^ I dreamed up lollop in 2013 and have been having so much fun creating and growing this brand over the years.  I always feel lucky and grateful there has been so much support of my little business. My heart feels full from being able to be connected with you all through these creations.  Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have about lollop :)  Stay weird.